Technology is the heartbeat of modern medicine, which is why IT expertise is a skill that’s growing in importance from year to year. With the increasing complexity in data systems, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) are more valuable than ever.

Here are some things to look for in a Managed Services Provider, like ICS. 

Response Times

When it comes to providing healthcare services, fast response is not the only thing that matters. Making sure your provider guarantees response times, and that you’re able to contact them 24/7. In case something breaks or you come across technical issues in the dead of night, your best bet would be to contact your service provider, not to try fixing things on your own. Therefore, you need a provider who is able to give assistance whenever you need it most.

ICS offers 24/7 support to all of our managed customers. 

Business Continuity Plan

You risk putting your organization in jeopardy if your MSP can’t assist in your recovery from major outages or natural disasters. A business continuity plan is an absolute necessity in your healthcare organization — you simply can’t afford to lose all your valuable medical data in the event of a disaster. You need all the help you can get from your MSP to maintain redundant systems and manage automatic fail overs.

ICS offers business continuity and disaster recovery. We’ll help you establish a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan to help you bounce back should a disaster occur, and to keep your employees prepared for any situation.

Proactive Security

In the world of healthcare data security, complying with HIPAA mandates is essential. Failing to meet regulations may result in huge fines, serious penalties, and even the withdrawal of your license to operate. The ideal managed services provider should offer core security services that include identity-based security and encryption, authorized privileges and access control, and data accountability and integrity.

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-time service. After assessing, updating, and optimizing your network’s security, your work is far from over. Enter ICS—our managed security services work hard to maintain the highest level of safety for your organization.

ICS offers advanced support and leading expertise for organizations seeking comprehensive network protection.

Choosing the right MSP can be time-consuming, but when you do make the switch, they can streamline your operations, reduce operational costs, and enhance workforce transparency.

If you want to learn how great technology and support can benefit your healthcare practice, get in touch with us today at — we provide the perfect set of IT solutions and outstanding support to drive your organization forward.