…. when you are trying to make a difference.

When we started the ICS Cares program a few years ago, the goal was simple. We wanted to give back to the communities that we serve. It started small with efforts to raise awareness for Breast Cancer with our classic pink ICS Shirts. Over time, it has grown into a program where we allow employees to participate in different organizations and charities and get paid for their time.

Last year, I am proud to say that ICS Employees utilized hundreds of hours of ICS Cares time. They volunteered at Animal Shelters, Churches, Schools, and other organizations.

Some highlights of our ICS Cares program for the year:

  • Several members of ICS coordinated and participated in the Mary Ann Sherman Cancer Fundraiser. Mary Ann Sherman is a preschool teacher at a local school and has impacted the lives of countless children over the years.
  • Several members of ICS helped to support efforts to raise money for Candice Taylor, as she struggles with breast cancer.
  • Many volunteered in local schools, helping to develop programs to encourage entrepreneurship, leadership and creativity, helping to raise future leaders.

We are continually reminded that there is a need and we are thankful

If you are an organization that is looking for help and need volunteers, let us know! We