Our mission at ICS is to make a difference in our employees’ lives, our customer’s businesses, and the community. Each day we try to live and work by our mission: Family. Integrity. Team. We support a variety of different causes in our communities, but when it’s one of our own, it hits a little differently.

Titan Up

Tim Syphers, a Senior Business Development Representative in MA, grew up living a very athletic life. But when he turned 21, that all changed. He became visually impaired and is now considered legally blind. Going from playing sports to not knowing if he’d ever be competitive again was a life changer, until he found Beep Baseball.

I was always an athletic person growing up and when the vision loss occurred, I thought I’d never be competitive again. I was wrong. I now play a sport called Beep Baseball. It’s an adaptive form of baseball for the blind and visually impaired. It’s done so much for my transition from sighted to blind and has done even more for my confidence as a young man. I currently play for the New Jersey Titans. We are a nonprofit organization, and we travel the country playing ball throughout the Spring and Summer.” said Syphers.

The National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA) organization was initially established in January of 1976 in Chicago. The league has grown tremendously in the past 45 years and now has over thirty teams that play across the country. Beep Baseball allows visually impaired people the opportunity to strive for achievement and independence.

Titan Up


To learn more about the NBBA visit https://www.nbba.org/ or to listen to more of Syphers’ experiences, check out his podcast at https://anchor.fm/timothy-syphers