Does your business have multiple offices or suites? Did you receive a call that wasn’t for you? Need to get ahold of someone in the office? 

Imagine how time-consuming it would be to have to go from one part of the office to another to answer a simple phone call or to see if someone is at their desk. Wouldn’t it be easier to answer it from anywhere?  How about looking at your computer screen to see if someone is available? 

Unified Communications (UC) is the new buzz word that describes new phone system capabilities. It gives companies various ways to communicate and enables employees to stay productive and accessible whether they are at their desks or on the road!

Communication costs are a large part of the budget. Today’s businesses are starting to move away from individual phones and phone numbers, and more towards an integrated telephone system. Making this transition can trim your costs and simplify the processing of monthly telephone invoices. Installing a business telephone system will also make it easier for your business to review the monthly charges and identify any problematic calling patterns.

Still wondering why you should upgrade your phone system? Enjoy advanced features such as call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling and more. You can also send data like documents and pictures while you are engaging in conversation. Other advantages include allowing you, your staff, and your clients to hold video conversations, access and exchange data files, and more, while the conversation is ongoing. This allows for more integrated and flexible meetings that can seamlessly include people from multiple office locations throughout the world.

One of the more useful features of phone systems is the ability to conduct conference calls. This can help prevent cancellation of meetings when one party is unable to make a physical appearance and allows more flexibility for scheduling meetings both internally and externally. Allowing people to attend meetings virtually can save you thousands on travel and accommodation expenses, as well as lost productivity from travel. This also benefits employees who work remotely.

The most important thing for any business thinking of getting or upgrading their telephone system is to understand the options available. Deciding what kind of products that would best suite their business needs, making day to day operations seamless.

Did you know In addition to servicing several legacy phone systems, ICS also sells and supports award winning phone systems. Our certified technicians will implement and deploy phone systems to suit your business needs. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!