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ICS Named Recipient of Business of the Year Award

Partners of Education and Business (PEB) has awarded ICS New York with the recognition of 2021 Business of the Year.

ICS has recently been awarded 2021 Business of the Year from Partners of Education and Business (PEB). ICS received this recognition in honor of the company’s dedication to helping students prepare for future success and educating them about different opportunities in the STEM field. The award will be presented virtually at PEB’s Annual Awards event later this month.

Several employees at ICS have served as virtual career coaches and have been heavily involved with career development and job coaching activities during this past year. Client Success Manager, Greg Waite, and Director of the Syracuse Region, Ethan Tancredi, participated in the program through mentoring and supplying real-world workplace scenarios to the educational environment.

“As the tech industry continues to grow it has become increasingly important to encourage young people to nurture their interest in STEM-related fields,” said Tancredi. “We are excited to be recognized for this award and we look forward to continuing to serve as professional mentors to students in all of the communities we serve.”

The PEB Annual Awards recognizes individuals, especially students, companies and organizations who have made a significant contribution to the development of careers for both youth and adults over the course of the last year. ICS is proud to be included in the long line of winners in the event’s 29-year history.