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We are excited to introduce the newest members of the ICS team! These new team members are joining us in our Binghamton and Syracuse offices.  

First up we have David Etling joining us in our Syracuse office as a level 2 systems engineer. Etling will be responsible for the engineering and implementation of various Microsoft technologies. Etling has years of IT experience and numerous certifications under his belt. We are excited to have him a part of the ICS Team! “I am originally from Boston and had lived there most of my life. I moved out to Syracuse with my wife and 2 kids about 3 years ago. So far I am enjoying the team and learning a lot from them so I can be a valuable member of the ICS Team.”  

Next, we have Jessica Pullis who will be joining our Endicott team as an Administrative Assistant. Pullis is a Binghamton native, graduating from Maine Endwell High School and has worked at a local favorite, The Cider Mill, and is coming from Certstaffix Training where she worked as an Operations Specialist.  We are excited to add Pullis to the Administrative team!  

Lastly, we have AJ Pass who is rejoining the Endicott team as an IP Solutions Architect. “I am excited to re-join the Binghamton team in my new position as Network Solutions Architect. I come from an IT physical infrastructure installation background where I worked all over the United States and Canada. I worked for many large companies, on again and off again since 2008 as a sub-contractor, such as Target, Home Depot, Hilton, and Marriott hotels to name just a few. We were held to the highest of BICSI standards where I learned to be very detail-oriented and focused on delivering customers with a fully optimized end-product. I look forward to learning from my team as much as I hope to transfer my experiences to my colleagues in the Telephony group. I am just happy to be alive, getting healthier all of the time and taking everything in stride with a new perspective on life.”   

Interested in joining the ICS Team? Apply today at https://icsnewyork.com/about-us/careers/