Do you know where your vulnerabilities are?  

 It is important to know where your weakest links are when it comes to protecting your personal data.  

Most businesses are taking some kind of action to protect themselves from malware, or otherwise known as ransomware, trojans, and worms. We all have firewalls, are patching our desktops and servers, and are backing up our data. But how do we know if our solutions and strategies to address these are working. Are there more effective solutions we should be evaluating?  

What about less common vulnerabilities? 

Did you printers are another way hackers can get to your personal information?  

When companies assess their security threats, they usually focus on firewalls, PCs and, servers and overlook other devices such as printers because their functionality seems so basic. However, scanning important documents requires a username and a password, and often one the never changes. For particularly older devices, administrators may no longer be aware of these accounts, making printers ripe for targeting by cybercriminals.  

One additional threat posed by multifunction printers and copiers are the internal hard drives. Printers and copiers store previous print jobs on these drives. Someone who accesses the printer may be able to hack into the printer’s OS and view those documents, which could contain sensitive information. If documents are stored on a built-in hard drive, the printer can retain copies of the documents even when the printer has been turned off.  

 And this is just one example. 

Rouge devices, insider threats, lack of awareness, excessive administrator privileges, and many other threat sources represent massive opportunities for attackers—and, a massive risk for businesses. 

How can you find out this information? With a Risk Assessment.   

 Risk Assessments first identify a wide variety of active and potential vulnerabilities. Risk analysis is then performed on the discovered data and categorized by the criticality of potential harm to you or your business. They further provide strategies and information on how to appropriately eliminate or mitigate the risks discovered.  

1nteger Security is a sister company of ICS, dedicated to information security and protecting your business against cyber-attacks. We sit side by side with you to understand your business, help you see and visualize your risks, and identify your most valuable assets. 

Together, we will determine the appropriate amount of security controls needed to defend your organization against modern threats. 

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