THIS MONTH’S FEATURE: Microsoft Teams –an overview

Over the last few years, the world has begun working more remotely. This has made it difficult for employees to efficiently collaborate on tasks and projects together. Consider the pandemic in 2020 and the having to work remote out of necessity, and the problem only amplified.Many solutions were introduced during the pandemic to address this issue, but one program -which launched much earlier in 2017-made its way as the front runner into the future of efficient remote collaboration: Microsoft Teams!Teams is Microsoft’s most robust collaboration application. It allows for groups of professionals to communicate and work together no matter where they are. It provides flexibility for individuals to work in a hybrid manner: at the office, at home, or on the road. If the user has a device and an internet connection, they can work and collaborate via Teams!

Here are some of Microsoft Team’s best features:

  • Meet with teammates over video and/or audio calls. You can share your screen, change or blur your background, and use “together mode” to virtually be in the same space. You can meet with somebody one on one or host a meeting with several individuals at the same time.
  • Chat with colleagues via instant message. You can also virtually express yourself by using GIFs, stickers, and emojis in one-to-one, group, or team chats.
  • Manage and schedule meetings on your calendar. Invite colleagues to scheduled calls and arrange appointments thatfit your schedule. And, it automatically syncs with your Outlook calendar
  • Make and receive phone calls directly in Teams. It also includes advanced features like conference calling, voicemail, and call transfers
  • Collaborate on documents in real time. Easily find, share, and edit files together with apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel-right within the Teams application

One of the best features of Teams is that it works as a desktop application, through a browser, and through a phone app-all seamlessly and instantly. No matter where you are working or what device you have at your disposal, you can continue connecting and collaborating with your colleagues!Whether your professional team works in common spaces, or is completely remote, or somewhere in between, Microsoft Teams is your catalyst to a more efficient and collaborative future. If you aren’t currently utilizing Microsoft Teams in your organization, you are missing out on one of the most powerful tools on the planet. Teams simply needs to be a part of your professional culture in 2023!

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