From a D1 college soccer coach to the new Director of Endicott Region, Beau Brinsko’s journey is unlike many others in the IT industry.


With the recent acquisitions and changes in the company structure, ICS was looking for someone who could step up and lead a team to success. Brinsko’s coaching background made him a top candidate from the start. But how did he get there?   


“I loved being a soccer coach, but it didn’t have the work/life balance that I was looking for, especially with the kids. I was missing their games, Holidays, school events, and was on the road constantly. It was a tough decision, but I ultimately changed careers for my family. My wife, Robin, actually found the opportunity for the Account Manager role at ICS. Not having a technical background, accepting an Account Manager position at an IT company was different and came with its challenges, but I was ready to learn.” Account Managers and soccer coaches have one thing in common, being a part of a team. That’s where Brinsko found his strengths. “When you can understand the different roles that each person plays in the team, it makes everything a bit easier. Learning how the ICS structure is built to set not only its customers; but also employees up for success” stated Brinsko.   


Starting any new job or career is scary, especially when one doesn’t have any knowledge or experience in that particular industry. “The biggest struggle for me was finding my confidence and get a stronghold on what services and products ICS had to offer. I wanted to embrace my weakness to be successful ultimately. I enjoyed engaging with the customers and found it similar to when I was recruiting players. Talking about all the great opportunities the campus had to offer, the soccer program and players and relating it to the different solutions and services ICS had as well as the company culture and structure of employees. From the very beginning, I stated that I wanted to see myself grow in the company to the role of managing a group of people to achieve one distinct goal.”  


Brinsko was recently promoted to the Director of the Endicott Region. “I am excited about this new role and take a group of people from different walks of life and achieve a common goal of customer satisfaction. I want to pick my peer’s brains and find out what personally makes them successful. There will always be an opportunity to grow and learn more. This new role comes with the challenges of understanding the techs at ICS and helping bridge the gap in the success of both them and the customers.”   


While technology has significantly changed over the past three decades, our goals and mission have remained the same: ICS is committed to integrity, innovation, and the most personalized, proactive, and professional customer service in the IT industry. Our core values include Family, Integrity, and Team, and we strive to live and work parallel those goals every day. At ICS we are looking for employees who are open to learning and a great fit for our culture. Beau is a prime example of that. He didn’t have an IT background but was willing to learn and work through his weaknesses and turn them into strengths.  


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