When we think of data breaches, we often think of big companies like Facebook or Google – not small law firms. Unfortunately, every kind of business is at risk when it comes to cyber threats, including attorney offices and legal service providers.

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), roughly 29 percent of law firms have experienced a security breach at some point, such as hacking or website exploitation. Another 36 percent of legal organizations have reported dealing with viruses, spyware, or malware in 2020 alone.

These cyberattacks usually result in downtime, network failures, website access problems, and issues with software and hardware. If you’re providing legal services to clients in need, you don’t have time for the inconveniences and dangers that accompany a serious data breach or attack.

The best way to ensure your legal firm is protected? Work with a trusted managed services provider like ICS.

ICS will take a hands-on approach towards defending your firm and preventing attacks. We’ll also help you deal with any daily hiccups, tech problems, or system failures that could compromise your firm.

Trust us when we say that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a deeper look at what ICS can do for your legal firm.

1. Improved Security

The first (and arguably most important) benefit that ICS offers is advanced cybersecurity built around proactive, modern solutions. ICS is equipped to prevent and handle data breaches in real-time. 

2. Proper Compliance Maintenance

Legal firms deal with a huge volume of sensitive data, such as financial statements, client information, health records, and property documents. Securing all this data is important because:

  1. You want to properly protect yourselves and your clients.
  2. Adequate data protection is a part of necessary regulatory compliance.

No matter which state you practice in, there are legal requirements and expectations when it comes to protecting your firm’s clients and their information. Unfortunately, staying 100 percent compliant with these regulations is easier said than done.

ICS will help you keep up with the latest compliance requirements to ensure your legal firm checks all of the boxes. You focus on what happens in and out of the courtroom – ICS will ensure that you are accurately protecting and handling client and stakeholder information.

3. Decreased Costs and Predictable Budgeting

Another benefit of working with an MSP? Your law firm might actually save money. 

MSPs do require a flat-rate monthly fee for their assistance, but in many cases, this cost is actually lower than the price of manually:

  • Installing and maintaining hardware/software.
  • Hiring as-needed IT professionals.
  • Training your own in-house IT team.
  • Dealing with panic-inducing attacks/failures as they happen.

In almost any situation, prevention is more cost-effective than damage control. If you want to lower your technology costs within your firm, consider working with an MSP that continually keeps things running as they should for a flat, predictable monthly rate.

4. Accessible Documents and Better Collaboration

Many law firms are surprised to realize that MSPs actually help them do more work.

Using effective, safe technology allows you to better serve your clients in a timely manner. When you’re handling a case, you need to be able to access files on any device at any time – without worrying about malfunctioning servers or external risks.

Additionally, an MSP will ensure your legal team is using the Cloud to facilitate better collaboration amongst team members and clients. Keep your many, many documents updated while enabling safe interaction 24/7.

To Wrap It All Up

Whether your legal firm needs to focus more on cybersecurity or Cloud document storage, an MSP like ours can help. At ICS, our team helps legal firms plan for the future, better serve their clients, and stay safe from growing digital threats.

If you’re ready to learn more about what we can do for your law firm, email us at info@icscomplete.com. You can also schedule a free consultation online. We’re standing by, ready to help your team feel safer and more productive with technology that actually works.