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In today’s world, iPads, cell phones and Chrome Books are becoming a popular way to take notes in meetings, make presentations and do daily tasks on the go or when away from the office. They are portable and lightweight making them ideal for any professional who is constantly moving. Having any information you need on hand is optimal, especially in the work setting. But how can you control what employees are doing and downloading onto the iPads? When Matthews Auto came to ICS about their employee’s using iPads, we were happy to assist!


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The challenges Matthews Auto was facing were similar to what we had seen with other customers. How can you control what the employees are downloading onto the iPad? They wanted their employees to have access to certain information but not games, certain websites, etc. Although these iPads were handed out to each employee for them to use, they still belong to Matthews Auto. How does a company restrict the iPad usage enough to where they can’t use it for personal things but give them enough leeway to complete their day to day operations at work? The answer is simple, content blocking and application compliance. 


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Content Blockers are app extensions. They indicate to Safari a set of rules to use to block content in the browser window. Blocking behaviors include hiding elements, blocking loads, and stripping cookies from Safari requests.  Application compliance will allow approved apps and block apps that are not allowed to be installed on the mobile device. 

The company can use a containing app to contain and deliver a Content Blocker on the App Store. The containing app defines the context provided to the extension and initiates the extension life cycle by sending a request in response to a user action.

When the Content Blocker is launched, it communicates with its containing app through a set of shared resources, and it communicates directly with Safari.


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The benefit of content blocking and application compliance? It not only helps protect the company but ensures that the employees are using the iPads for work, and not personal use. This also helps when it comes to mobile device security. With all the precious company data on the iPads, you want to ensure that the employees are using them appropriately. Other security measures require users use a secure passcode to unlock the iPad and making sure the iPad is locked when not in use, regularly updating the software and apps on the iPad, and allowing apps to only access certain information at certain times. 

The next question, what happens if an employee misplaces the iPad or it is stolen? Remote wipe. We can install software on all devices so that if this ever happens, we are able to remote wipe the device so all the sensitive data cannot be compromised. 


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The result? A peace of mind by Matthews Auto! Knowing that their iPads are being used for work purposes only, ensuring that their company’s data is secured, and that their employees can work from anywhere in the office or out on the lot to make their customers happy!