Business IT Provider

From staff support to hardware installation, we guarantee continued productivity and reliability.

Servers and Storage
ICS provides servers and storage solutions that best meet your business needs. In addition to hardware installation and software procurement, we also offer lease programs and flexible terms on purchases.
Networks and Wireless
ICS is able to assist you with complex VLANs, 802.1x authentication and security, along with campus wireless implementation and mobile device management. These are just a few examples of our vast networking expertise.
Virtual technology allows your business to combine resources while maintaining productivity and organization. Virtualization is a cost effective way to manage servers by leveraging all hardware as efficiently as possible.
Security & Compliance
Due to regulations, many industries have compliance standards in place that mandate protection of sensitive data and the privacy of those to whom it pertains. These requirements ensure that businesses across an industry utilize the same processes and practices.
Cloud Based Services
Remove the risk of hosting data and programs on site with our cloud-based services. We deliver anything your business needs on demand via the internet, helping you work more securely.
Backups and Business Continuity
Our automated backup and recovery solutions are a key component of your business continuity plan and continually protect against natural and human threats.