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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

    Technology is in everyone’s daily routine. Whether it’s a TV, cell phone, an Amazon device, or a robot vacuum, there’s a device for just about everything. Schools are even starting to use tablets in the classrooms so students can have their textbooks and notes in one spot and can easily transport them back and forth. Technology allows us to communicate with […]

How To Successfully Work From Home

  COVID-19 has forced dramatic changes to the traditional workplace. Remote work can be a nice change occasionally, but those who are used to a fast-paced office environment may find this switch to be difficult.  Let’s explore how we take this situation and turn it into a positive and successful one.   Set yourself up to be successful. Do you have a routine? Do you have a designated room declared as your “office”? […]

Are you prepared to work remotely?

    COVID-19, or the Corona Virus, has taken the world by storm. Nationwide, businesses are implementing work-from-home policies. Thus, for most businesses, managing an entirely remote workforce is uncharted territory, which means they don’t have processes, policies and the technology that enables their employees to work from home safely and securely. How can businesses ensure employees have […]

Customer Testimonial: Stephen Donnelly & Associates

We love hearing from our customers! Stephen Donnelly & Associates is a full-service marketing, communications, and consultation firm serving businesses in the Southern Tier of New York. We have worked with Stephen and his team for many years and have built a strong partnership! Check out some of the projects we have done!     

Cybersecurity eBook

Cybersecurity: Past, Present, Future CYBERSECURITY HAS BECOME THE NEW DINNER TABLE TOPIC. Cybersecurity risk is increasing, driven by global connectivity and the proliferation of cloud services, like Amazon Web Services, to store sensitive data. Widespread poor protection of information paired with increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks means the risk that your organization would experience a breach […]

Zultys Phone System Features

  When was the last time you updated your phone system? Does your business require high-tech phones? How many phones does your business have?  In addition to servicing several legacy phone systems, we also sell and support award-winning Zultys phone systems. Our certified technicians will implement and deploy phone systems to suit your business needs. […]