Monthly Archives: April 2020

A Positive culture

  Workplace culture is compiled of shared values, belief systems and attitudes.  Positive workplace culture can improve teamwork, raise  morale, increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance retention of the workforce. Job satisfaction, collaboration, and work performance can all be enhanced as well. But most importantly, a positive workplace environment can help manage and reduce stress in employees. But how do you keep this up when your employees are working remotely?    ICS’s core values are Family, Integrity and […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder

    What exactly does it mean to “Work smarter, not harder”? Working faster? Working efficient?   Before you enroll in a time management course or start playing “beat the clock” with your project list, consider these helpful tips on how to effectively and efficiently manage your to-do list.   Time management. For most, this is easier said than […]

The Positive Side Effects

    We’ve all been stuck home for a while, it may be another 14 days or longer until our quarantine is lifted. Cheer up, there are positive outcomes that will come out of this quarantine. The Corona Pandemic will change the way we think as individuals and as a society. It will make some things collapse and others rise.   Would you like some food for thought on making this […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

    Technology is in everyone’s daily routine. Whether it’s a TV, cell phone, an Amazon device, or a robot vacuum, there’s a device for just about everything. Schools are even starting to use tablets in the classrooms so students can have their textbooks and notes in one spot and can easily transport them back and forth. Technology allows us to communicate with […]